Did you know that there are scientific studies that show gratitude can change your life? In the spirit of the season of giving thanks, our director Ali Perrotto decided to […]

Did you know that there are scientific studies that show gratitude can change your life?

In the spirit of the season of giving thanks, our director Ali Perrotto decided to declare the last few weeks of November as days of SARCCitude.

[SARCC-IT-tude] noun.

the positive state of being grateful, an overwhelming feeling of appreciation and thankfulness, and the desire to return kindness to others at SARCC.

During the month of November, Ali sent SARCC staff a group message about an employee. These notes were personalized expressions of acknowledgement and gratitude. These notes made us nod our heads, laugh, and even tear up at times. We were also encouraged to express our own SARCCitude to our coworkers on their special SARCCitude day.

It is only fair that you are also acknowledged, Ali–not just amongst your staff, but to SARCC supporters (and the world!).  So Ali, Happy Ali Perrotto Day! Here are some of the things we say about you:

  • Ali is a genuine example of what compassion, assertiveness, and go-getter mentality can look like when it is all rolled into one. She is a great leader.
  • Ali is the best dressed director of a Schuylkill County non-profit.
  • Ali pays attention to detail and is always quick with a compliment.
  • I appreciate her leadership and guidance.
  • I appreciate Ali because she listens and cares for her staff. She is very kind and makes sure our needs are met!
  • Ali roots for the underdog. She wants to see everyone succeed.
  • Ali helps my self-esteem because she tells me how amazing my outfits are.
  • Ali does not rest until our ability to provide services are funded to the max.
  • Ali embraces the vision and mission of SARCC to everyone she comes in contact with.
  • Ali is the tallest person that works at SARCC and can reach high things in the office that nobody else can reach.
  • Ali is consistently finding ways to emphasize employee self-care. I never worked somewhere that did that before.
  • I appreciate Ali’s willingness to try whatever food I’m offering her, sometimes without any explanation of what that food is.
  • I admire and appreciate Ali because she is the kind of human being and boss that will sit down and listen to you.
  • I love Ali’s calm tone voice when things are going crazy and she’s being pulled in different directions. I guess if I ever hear her yell or scream, I will assume the zombie apocalypse has just started.
  • I am truly grateful for the trust that Ali puts in all of her staff and their abilities to provide the best services for survivors.
  • I appreciate Ali’s willingness to get to know all of us on an individual level.
  • I appreciate that Ali always gives me a safe space to vent, to cry, and to give me ideas of where to bury the bodies.
  • I love that Ali is always willing to listen, process, and give me feedback. It’s always a dialogue and never a lecture.
  • More than anything, if I could say anything to Ali – it would just be thank you – thank you for the space to grow personally and professionally, thank you for the compassion and caring we all need to be the best versions of ourselves, and thank you for the chance to contribute to real change in the lives of real members of our community.

Thank you, Ali, for everything you do for survivors, our organization, your staff, your community, and your family. We are full of privileged SARCCitude that you are our leader.

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