Resource of the Week: SARCCitude Talking Point of the Week: How can we express our SARCCitude for our partners at the end of the year?   [SARCC-IT-tude] noun. The positive […]

Resource of the Week: SARCCitude

Talking Point of the Week: How can we express our SARCCitude for our partners at the end of the year?  

[SARCC-IT-tude] noun.

The positive state of being grateful, an overwhelming feeling of appreciation and thankfulness, and the desire to return kindness to others at SARCC.

SARCC holds so much gratitude to our staff, volunteers, board members, business supporters, donors, and community partners who help us fulfill our mission. Preventing sexual violence and promoting healing takes a village. Most especially, we thank the survivors and families that put their trust in us to be helpers and listeners during difficult times. 

As we wrap up the final month of 2023, let’s pause and share a bit of thanks with some of our amazing partners! 

  • #SARCCitude for housing partners! Over the past few years, we have seen a stark increase in needs around affordable and emergency shelter, housing support. Each time we have a survivor reach out with these needs, we are so lucky and grateful to have a network of community partners staking our many calls and problem solving with us! Partners who provide housing, emergency shelter, case management, an emergency rental assistance. Sending a huge thank you to our partners at Lebanon rescue mission, Lebanon County, Christian Ministries, Teen Challenge, Servants to All, and Project Shift 
  • Making a Difference / Tamaqua Area Community Partnership / Connected Together / Community Health Council of Lebanon County / NICK Services / Schuylkill VISION / Schuylkill United Way / United way of Lebanon County – surviving sexual violence doesn’t happen in isolation, it happens in community. This past year we have been so grateful to work with so many community organizations to build safe spaces, understand complex issues, mobilize our communities toward prevention, and maximize our local resources to have a BIG impact. Sharing our own BIG #SARCCitude for our community partners!
  • community demographics have changed a lot in the past few decades. Did you know that more than 10% of the population of Lebanon Schuylkill Counties speak a language other than English at home? Healing happens in the language of the heart. It is for this reason that we share our #SARCCitude with WEPA , a local bilingual workforce development and community building organization, Millersville Migrant education program, which hones in on increasing educational achievement for immigrant and migrant populations, and Juntos De Lebanon, which focuses on building community, safety, and support for immigrants and refugees. 
  • SARCC serves survivors of all forms of sexual violence, but it’s important to remember that victimization is often co-occurring. We are grateful and share our #SARCCitude with our victim service and crisis response partners at Schuylkill Hope Center, Domestic Violence Intervention (DVI), Lebanon County Crisis Intervention, Empower The Mind , Schuylkill Crisis, and SAM for building a network of support for survivors of violence and trauma.  
  • Both child and adult survivors of sexual violence have medical needs in addition to needs for Support and Advocacy. Today, we share our #SARCCitude with our medical system, partners, who provide SAFE response, education on identifying and providing support to victims in the primary practice  setting, provide forensic medical exams and interviews for the youngest and most vulnerable victims, provide financial support for our programs and initiatives, and work in partnership for a healthier, safer community for all. Thank you WellSpan, LFHS, UPMC, CAC, St. Lukes/Geisenger, & LVHN!
  • SARCC is not just a Nonprofit, we are a business. Today we share our #SARCCitude with the business partners in our community, who help us with our banking, guide us as employers, share their expertise and services with us, and support our work in the community. A huge thank you to Fulton Bank, Members 1st, M&T, and First Citizens, Lebanon Valley, Chamber of Commerce, Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce, First Energy, Strickler Insurance, Zinn Insurance, Bowers Donuts, Sunset, Kylen Financial, Seibert & Associates,  SCORE Lancaster Lebanon, and Stanilla, Siegel, & Maser! 
  • LGBT Center/ YES / ST. Luke’s Episcopal/ Chestnut St. Community Center/ PA Immigration Resource Center/ NAACP Lebanon / NAACP Schuylkill – building a Affirming spaces and services for under represented and underserved community members is an important part of our social transformation value. We are honored to share #SARCCitude with our community partners who are serving LGBTQ populations, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and all others who have so much to share in our community of Hope and healing.

Who do you think we still need to add to our sarccitude list? 

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