First, let’s get some language down. When we say “LGBTQ+” we are talking about a diverse and multifaceted group of identities, individuals, communities, and cultures that cover a broad spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations. We know from our friends at FORGE that terms are both crucial and meaningless at the same time. This means that respecting and using someone’s personal labels, pronouns, and the name they share with you can make them feel seen and accepted. It also means that putting a term or label on someone may tell you nothing or very little about their lived experience or specific needs in a given moment. 

Generally, the acronym LGBTQ+ refers to: 

You may wonder why we talk about these terms and creating affirming spaces at SARCC. First and foremost, it’s because in everything we do we strive to be person-centered and trauma-informed. Basic advocacy skills tell us that listening, affirming, and being with people where they are at is the best first step. 

Next, our movement and organization both have a long history of outstanding LGBTQ+ activists working for the rights and needs of survivors, and many survivors are LGBTQ+. The CDC, as well as LGBT Advocacy organizations, report consistently that LGBTQ+ communities face higher rates of sexual violence. Additionally, due to discrimination and hate-motivated bias, risk for violence increases due to housing inequities, employment discrimination, and being denied basic rights and services based on gender identity or sexual orientation. 

It is mission critical that we talk about these issues and celebrate PRIDE MONTH out loud. For this reason, you’ll find SARCC staff members at 

Come check out our tables, and sign up for the free training on June 27th. Stay tuned for more information about support groups and opportunities for connection for LGBTQ-identified community members in partnership with LGBT Center of Greater Reading and Youth Empowerment & Support of Schuylkill County.  Happy Pride Month to all! 🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️