Free EMDR Certification

  • Recently the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) and the University of Pittsburgh announced a free certification program that offers eligible Medicaid mental health providers the opportunity to obtain a trauma-informed therapy certification at no cost. 
  • This certification program will provide high-quality Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) training and certification to qualified Medicaid mental health providers in Pennsylvania. Qualified fields include, but are not limited to, licensed mental health professionals, social workers, counselors, psychologists.
  • EMDR  is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention . It employs talk therapy and the use of eye movements and other forms of stimulation to process traumatic memories, thoughts, and feelings to help activate the brain’s ability to resolve these concerns.
  • EMDR therapy can only be provided by certified practitioners, the training normally costs about $4000.00. However, through funding available through the American Rescue Plan Act, DHS and the University of Pittsburgh can offer EMDR trainings and certification at no cost to qualified Medicaid providers. To qualify for the training program, participants must be a clinically licensed professional in Pennsylvania with a caseload comprising of 51 percent or more Medicaid clients.
  • Training is available throughout 2024, and applications for the certification program are now open, learn more and apply at
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